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Internet Solutions Company



Development of banner - 30 $. The following options - 3,5 $.


Selling text


10 $ for 1000 signs – rewriting; unique texts from "zero" – 25 $ for 1000 signs.


Services of call center


* Handling incoming calls and messages


* Informing customers

(increase sales)

* Survey customers


* Telephone sales


* Updating databases




from 0,11 $  per minute


from 0,12  $ per minute


from 0,12 $  per minute


 from 0,12 $ per minute


 from 0,12 $ per minute



(SEO, advertising - the external optimization)

10-15% of the total cost of an advertising campaign, the recommended budget - from 150 $.

Support, configuration of web servers

(internal optimization)

price analysis of existing website - for free

Message boards


One week - 2 $ .; CIS countries - $ 2 (by current rate)






Social networking

Register account


Create groups from accounts

1 account - 4 $ .



Filling group promotional materials

30  $ per element

Writing selling text for groups

25 $ 1000 characters

Email-based delivery of finished subscribers

50 $  


Collecting base for Landing

40 $  + 150 $  for collection of database



Site redesign for the layout of the customer

60 $  – development of the top side of website

each following unique graphic element – on 2 $.

Adaptive redesign of  home page

from 90 $.



                                                                  Development Landing


Landing template (fill of customer)


65  $

Landing, developed and filled by company-developer (working with search engines)



Mobile version of the Landing


140 $




45 $

Landing unique (design, content, work with search engines, adaptive layout).

 280 $ depending on the complexity (number of products, availability of forms, etc.).

Development of unique Land so that to work with aggregators, advertising channels (works with all browsers, does not work with the search engines)


Mobile version of the unique Landing



from 150 $



from 65 $

Landing catalog with cart (a simplified version of an online store) for aggregators and advertising channels does not work with the search engines


Mobile Landing directory


 330 rub.




 130 rub.

                                                              Website Development

Business site

Templates (filling the rest of website with the customer)

85 $

Site business card

Sample (filling by the company - the developer)

130 $

A unique business card site


Corporate site

Boilerplate, multilingual (content remains with the site).

 290 $




Unique corporate website


From 500 $

Online Store



From 1000 $



Development of a corporate style, logo

 165 $








                                              Package of services "Business boxing"


For different large enterprises, the business organizations, the companies we created a unique package of services "Business boxing". This packet provides  end-to-end solutions aimed at development of an e-commerce shop with high rates of conversion. If you plan to launch sales of a new line of goods or services, to carry out an action, inquiry, to increase efficiency of the current activities of the enterprise, we are ready to execute a full stroke of operations. All these stages in a complex guarantee profitability and successful development.


In a complex series of works includes:


- Development of the Internet resource, alpha and beta testing;

- Testing traffic sources;

- Training and start-up a call center to handle applications, customer information, updating databases;

- Launch of advertising.






packet cost "Business boxing" - from 70 thousand rubles on.


We assume all responsibility for result of our operation as we close a full stroke on start of sales of goods.

 *Pay attention!

 Run any package includes training, the cost of which is formed by allocating a line of training and studying materials, database  synchronization, etc. In each case, the cost is calculated separately. We provide all the phone records.