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The exchange of traffic

The exchange of traffic is a system which allows to buy traffic on the site cheap or expensively depending on quality. As a rule, the traffic is bought on subject: female, sporting, game, mobile and another. The exchange of traffic helps to attract the interested clients from the necessary countries and the cities on your resource.

      Advantages of the exchange of traffic:

• Traffic of the necessary countries or cities;

• Opportunity to set time slot of traffic;

• Possibility of a choice of traffic on subject (female, game...);

• It is possible to set days, weeks on which the traffic will disperse;

• Good discounts for the large volume of the ordered traffic;

      The best exchange of qualitative traffic from the IMSico company!

The universal system which allows to attract on your web sites of traffics of the necessary volume and subject. The Exchange will attract traffic to your resource users from different countries and cities, and also set a temporary target traffic flow

      Our service will help to untwist any Internet project through purchase of qualitative traffic on the site and cheap e-mail-mailing. The traffic that we offer - it's only true and real visitors who can become your customers!

Cooperation with us will provide you large target audience and basis for e-mail-mailing.

     How do we take the traffic?

Traffic comes to us with major Internet sites. Thanks to special programs and automatic testing, we check the daily traffic on the level of quality. In our exchange, you can:

    - Order the traffic relevant countries and cities;

   - Ask a category subject traffic to be sent to your life Visitors were targeted;

  - Define the days of the week on which traffic will be consumed;

    - Set a target on time.

         We are different from other reliability, professionalism, proven team and lots of ongoing projects in the network.

Exchange traffic №1:

For advertisers - a convenient tool of marketing and getting quality traffic.

For webmasters - this is an opportunity to buy traffic at affordable prices and make on site on any topic.


We have not only convenient and high-quality service, but also reasonable prices. We offer wholesale cost of traffic for 18 thousand rubles. You will feel rapid development and rapid growth of business .


        By choosing us, you are convinced of fast result and success!