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Styles of website design

Although the design - is an individual and unique concept, but there are certain standards, for example, in selecting a color for design.

The dark color is often used for cafe sites, restaurants, photographers portfolio. Such color combinations speaks of style, rigor, elegance.

Light design. Typically, suitable for sites with a large informative component. Dark text on a light background is best perceived.

Multicolored design when using two or more colors. Well suited for a variety of promotional sites and business sites.


There are also some design rules on the number of graphics.

Minimalistic style. Used for the creation of large portals, strict corporate websites, forums.

Standard style. In this style of graphics used in some elements, usually in the header and in the form of icons to the main sections. Basically, the majority of sites is performed in the standard style.

Art design. He overloaded graphics and therefore long loaded. It used rarely.


According to the number and arrangement of the contents emit these types of design:

Single-column structure. Typically, suitable for sites with a small part of the information - a small website, promo-sites.

Two-column or three-column structure. Well suited for creating online stores, web sites, catalogs. It is the most common design.

The complex structure. Used to create expensive sites.

Also on the subject of design can be of various kinds:

- Style "grunge" - involves randomness, carelessness;

- "Classical" style - the observance of all rules of color and graphic combinations;

- "Coffee" style - similar in design magazines: big headlines, lots of photos;

- "Cartoon" style - hand-drawn design;

- "Retro" style - decorative elements used in the design attributes of the past centuries;

- "Futuristic" style - used elements of the future.

Now that you know about styles of design and know that ideally suit your site. Our experts are ready to develop a design based on your requirements as well as offer profitable and successful implementation of the outside of the site.