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Information portal

Information portal - is a universal resource that contains a lot of information, divided into categories, divisions.

Information portal depends on the amount and quality of content that produced. Content - is the main component of any of the information portal. Information should regularly be updated and meet the contemporary events.

Functional for Portal:

Categories of articles

Rating of articles and commentaries,

surveys and reviews,

system of roles and titles users

a forum for communication,

e-mail newsletter,

integration with social networks,

search portal.

The benefits of this resource:

Low entry barrier;

Regular updates;

Promoting the network using high-quality content;

Robot to freelancing;

Lack of rent for office space;

The possibility of monetization;

The use of open sources of information for the production of content.

The main task of this type of webites - desire to meet the needs of a huge number of visitors to the different kind of information! This kind of guide among the huge number of Internet materials.