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The e-commerce shop (online shop) – the site which presents and sells of goods on a network. Such resource can bring in to the owner additional incomes.

      The owner of an e-commerce shop receives:

- direct profit (profit);

- 24-hour trade;

- effective presentation of goods through the electronic directory;

- extension of a sales market ;

- involvement of new clients;

- support of a favorable image of the company;

      Each site of an e-commerce shop shall have such pages:

- homepage;

- contact information;

- pages with directories of goods;

- basket (basket);

- the page about delivery terms, boards, warranties;

- page of design of the order;

- information on the company.

     The cap of an e-commerce shop provides presence of necessary information:

1. Phone number (it is desirable all operators).

2. Diagram of operation of shop.

3. Booking time.

4. Back coupling.

      Pages of the directory of goods:

- specific name of goods and its description;

- qualitative image of goods;

- price;

- button "buy", "order", "add to cart";

- the similar / recommended goods;

- delivery terms, warranties (Delivery conditions, guarantee);

- reviews of goods.

      The  Cart of an e-commerce shop shall count the amount correctly. It is desirable that in case of design of the order there would a form without registration because not each buyer wants to register in an e-commerce shop.

      Our company creates a qualitative, available, reliable e-commerce shop. For each client we offer a resource which does Internet trade simple, available. We will make everything that your clients remain satisfied.