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Landing page

Landing page (the selling page, Landing, landing page) - one-page site, aimed at the sale of goods and services. Selling  pages have a greater conversion compared to other multiple-sites and are used to convert traffic from contextual advertising, social networking, e-mail newsletters.

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The purpose of this page to motivate the user to the action (registration, buy)!

Components Landing page:

- Informative image (picture, picture) of the advertised goods or services;

- Action (the offer has a positive effect on the user, namely, if the limited number of gifts, bonuses, the validity of the action);

The unique trade proposal ( it explains the buyer, why to  make a purchase here and now) a specific description of goods and services; Benefits( they should be real, without inventions and right to focus the proposed goods); Call for the action( text or button, encouraging the visitor to make a purchase, to join request). This part of the page should be visible and well thought; Guarantees and evidence( block Reviews buyers and unit with certificates of the quality, diplomas, award winning that confirm the reliability and professionalism of the company); Information on the application( required through the text, photos or video to demonstrate the functionality of the product) is recommended to the success of лендинга dose text with images and video materials. What is the advantage of selling page? supply( only used an important and accurate information to build a page). Design( for each order being developed an individual design with the use of quality graphics and photos). Layout( corresponds to the new standards, so works correctly, as on the computer and on the other devices). Conversion( design is taking into account the market research, which allows to achieve high conversion). Landing page provide a high conversion thanks to the most accurate and concise headers in the direction of your business. In such resources, there are trim tabs of trust reviews satisfied customers, quality certificates, guarantee that positively affect the decision of visitor. In the bank of the " IMSico" hundreds of successful, the original, exclusive selling pages.

Page is a Quick Start sales High conversion

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