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Our history

History about IMSico and how everything began.

"IMSico" began to operate as the company which provided services on Internet advertizing. Bright and attractive banner professional advertizing, an effective contextual advertizing, scale email-mailing and collection of client basis, a productive advertizing campaign in social networking, services of arbitration were and are our key elements. The specialized experts of advertizing department easily coped with all tasks concerning Internet advertizing. We had the circle of regular customers, and we developed fastly!


But over the time, we began to face with the priority issues of our customers. The clients appealed us with a request of attracting more visitors, to increase popularity or to increase sales volume by means of a specific type of advertizing. After conducting marketing research and analysis, we realized that the problem is completely different. We were provided (as a operation resources) with websites, e-commerce shops, lending which to be honest, were executed not in the best possible way. Technical, graphic and text aspects, required redesign as well as cardinal transformations.The advertizing company could be effective, but rather attractive design, too dry and unclear text, the inconvenient interface made negative representation.


Today, there are many web studios,companies which are engaged in creation, development of the websites and other Internet resources which execute everything strictly on the basis of the specification. That is the whole complexity. The narrow-purpose enterprises don't provide end-to-end solution, they carry out only accurately an objective, for example, on creation of  site, its design and imposition. Our company's researchers work area of the market, are analyzing resources of competitors, clarifying the factors that influence result, estimating economic efficiency, developing design and implementing management systems, creating the unique design of effective content, testing a resource regarding sales, testing advertizing materials and actions, creating basis for subscribers and the scenario of operation, testing sources of visitors, createing advertizing strategy, offering further services and technical support.


IT specialists (programmers, administrators, maker-ups) joined advertizing department of "IMSico" while, it expanded the range of activities and services. We do not just advertising, but advertising + design + analysis. As a result we increase the number of clients. We strive to improve our clients' business scale through the use of innovative and modern methods and technologies.


Following, are our precises of business plan :

• We surely study features of your business and it always helps to understand and foresee behavior of visitors on the website;

• We create the websites which will make profit every day;

• By means of Internet advertising we attract the necessary target audience on your resource;

• We increase popularity, efficiency and recognition of a resource;

• We use advanced technologies. The concept of our operation in most cases reminds process of education of the child by parents. We take involvement in all stages and stages of "appearance" of website. There are significantly little numbers of companies like "IMSico" , that are not only modern, but also unique!

Now you know more about us and you can safely trust us!