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About us

 IMSico will help well you to settle in web-environment!

If you need high-quality development of the good and successful websites, dreaming of creation of own page on a network or looking for a method how to attract clients, then you are in right place!

Creation of the websites, is promotion that hundreds of web studios are engaged. The problem is that many of them do not absolutely meet the main goal of clients, but aim to catch clients in minimum costs for development and advertizing. The difference of the IMSico Co. is that it offers Internet solutions – a complex of the services and actions aimed at minimization of expenditures and maximizing the obtained necessary requests. These are really favorable decisions which promote development of business and maintain the income from the project earlier, than it is expected.

              Priority of the offered services of the modern Internet Solution Company of "IMSico", is involvement of new potential clients on your resource due to account of its own exchange of traffic, prior "untwisted" resources and own advertizing department.

       We use a formula which shifts user from the status of  visitor into a status of  client! Success is achieved by means of the correct configuration of contents, marketing activity, design and another.

      Today we possess thousands of bright and memorable advertizing banners, logos, the improbable selling pages, (landing-page), hundreds of business websites, dozens of e-commerce shops, the corporate sites, and also blogs, information portals, forums and so on. Likewise, promotion, of website ( in Google, Yandex, in social networking), optimization and administration, audit and creation of mailings, writing articles (rewriting, copywriting, editing), design (redesign, website usability), filling and support of a resource are in our competence of service. For customer acquisition, we use various methods (a contextual advertizing, social networking, SMS, bulletin boards and another).

        "IMSico" is the young company, but with quite experimental command which operates more than 10 years in the market. The board of the company are professionals who managed to receive standing results and reputation from worthy experts of the business. From the very beginning we staked on a result, involvement of new clients and increase in sales at our customers.

     Being specialized on creation of websites, experts of "IMSico" pays special attention to the technical and esthetic sides that are very important!

        Our reference point quality of the final product, reliability of the performed work, an exclusivity, identity, professionalism. We are happy with our operation when our client is glad!

      The company respects the right for saving your confidentiality and information security!

You will always find everything necessary for your website and get essentials for success in business.

IMSico offers full complex package of services on Internet solutions.

What distinguishes us from other companies and web studios and what is better than others?

       Firstly, it's been a long time we are in the market of Internet services, and it means, we have experience and we know an essence, a subtlety  of the offered services in practice. We have forged team of professionals which have their own original approach to the solution of the task of any complexity. To increase sales, our experts can develop an advertising strategy to promote the network, carefully analyzing the competitive  environment, select necessary target audience.

       Secondly, you as the client, might not worry about the information provided by you. We respect the rights for data security and we save confidentiality. We also focused on a mutually beneficial relationship and long term cooperation.

       Thirdly, we guarantee high-quality service, support and promotion of your Internet resource. And it means rank-up on popularity and recognition of  brand and increase in number of visitors and clients     

We provide an individual approach to each customer and creativity of all projects and to complete on time. Also we have optimum prices responding to quality.


       Moreover, we offer development of the anti-recessionary decision which helps to survive at the time of financial instability. One of our key advantages is the existence of a private exchange traffic, and it allows us to attract visitors from the right audience, at very low prices. We are the company which has access to the wholesale market of advertizing.


 In any personal case, we create a package of services which is suitable for you, taking into account all of your desires!


Best regards, Internet Solution Company "IMSico"! Disagree on "well", require "perfect"!