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Support of the site

 Support of the site is the important process including a complex of the actions directed on service of all needs of a web project.

          Provides control of the stability of the site;

• Timely updating of the site;

• Professional and comprehensive service site;

• The conclusion of the project to a new level;

     As a general rule, support is accomplished in two ways:

- Technical support;

- Information support.

           Technical support includes:

• Daily monitoring of the performance of the site;

• Create a backup of the site and the database with further storage;

• Registration and renewal of the domain name;

• Hosting of the site;

• Create and maintain a mailbox.

           Information support of the site provides:

• Adding of new up-to-date information on the site;

• Adaptation of content on the site.

      Service of the site includes monitoring of stability of functioning of the site, providing protection against cracking, viruses, program failures.

      Important component of support of the site is graphic support. It can be little changes in design of pages, development of banners, new buttons, fonts or scale redesign of a resource.


Support is also provided for continuous updating of the site. It is writing articles on different subjects, adding photos, videos, blogging and more.

      The cost of such services as support depends on:

- The time that was spent by experts in the maintenance and updating;

- The volume of work performed, and changes;

- The complexity of the works;

- Periodicity update information and other materials.

     Experts of the company «IMSico» ready to support your Internet project, 365 days a year. We are professionals, so our support is always quality and reliable!