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Retrieval optimization (SEO)

      Retrieval optimization (SEO) – a package of measures for a raising of line items of the site in results of output of search engines on certain requests of users for the purpose of advance of the site.

     To find the right products and services people use search services (Yandex, Google, Rambler, Bing), which upon request receive a list of sites that match the query. Therefore, if your site higher in search results, there is a high probability that you will have more potential customers.

     The purpose of search engine optimization - "withdraw" the site on the first positions in the search and thus attract more customers.

The main advantages of SEO:

- A target audience;

- A high position in search, as a result, constant traffic, increasing the number of visitors;

- High conversion;

- opportunity to press competitors in retrieval output.

Full optimization of the site provides execution of 3 principal components:

• Advance in search engines;

• Robots on the content, functionality and ease of use;

• Adjustments of a feedback mechanism.

IMSico has professionally been engaging in promotion of sites many years. Specialists of the company carried out stage by stage support.

      The first and principal step is research of business of the client. The careful analysis allows to pick up effective requests. Surely we research the sites of competitors. We develop tactics and strategy of promotion. The next step is the selection of ¬- requests. Evaluated functional website to promote the key queries. Technical audit will fix bugs in the code and adapt the algorithm of search engines.. Technical optimization allows to lift your site in the TOP and to attract the real buyers of goods or services.

      The cost of the promotion depends on the complexity and amount of work.

      High-quality retrieval optimization guarantees the positive result and development of your business!