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Website redesign

        Website redesign - is the development of new or partially new design for the site and installing it on the old site.

      Over time, the sites are losing their relevance. Redesign - a way to renew the face of the company to attract new customers, add new elements, which previously lacked.

      Reasons for a site redesign:

- the design became outdated, having lost the modern look;

- changes of image of the company, change of a brand;

- Changing the goals and objectives of the site;

- Increase the speed of opening pages;

- Search engine optimization.

      The redesign includes not only the change in graphic design, but if you want or need - technological change: content management system, SEO-optimized kernel to successfully promote your site in search engines.

      How to determine what the site needs redesign?

• If in comparison with other sites your site mode is uniform, blankly, simply, doesn't draw attention, it is necessary to replace design;

• If the number of orders for goods and services without other reasons decreased, it is necessary to make the site more convenient and more noticeable;

• There were new popular services which aren't present on your site;

• Recently there was a change of the marketing and advertizing concept.

      Redesign can include such actions for improving:

- audit of the site (an assessment of its convenience, speed, visibility in search engines, operations in different browsers);

- up-dating of management system;

- up-dating of design;

- creation of new pages, sections and filling by their content;

- deleting old information;

- Site moved to more stable hosting.

      Periods of execution and cost of redesign of the site depend on the scale of changes: there will be change on the picture in a top side or full redesign, and also from type of the websites, style of design, quantity of options of prototypes.