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Our company works and develops diversely. We experiment, we implement new technologies, we try to conform to the modern requirements. Not long ago we developed websites that differed from each other on their tasks and subjects.


Websites about tendencies of web design and internet advertizing.This resource will be useful for those who interested and working in the field of web design. Interesting information on styles, web design errors is picked up. There are bright illustrations to each example and a portfolio of operations of the young, talented designers.  kindly see the link below


Site interior design. Creative ideas, councils for design of apartments and houses, and also design of a landscape, garden. Interior in different styles, as well as the best used designers ordinary objects in the decor, decorating and style premises, ornament and stylistics of locations. See


The site about manicure.  An interesting and cognitive resource for all fans of beautiful, well-groomed and pretty pens and a marigold. A practical advice, creative ideas, all about the procedure of manicure, excellent options of wedding, solemn, festive manicure. Opportunity for each visitors to show their creative masterpiece or elegant idea. For details see the link here


The site about a fashion and style. Fashion news, tips, image style, trends of the year, clothing styles, that it is worth postponing from the cabinet or vice versa to get from the granny's – see the link

And also take a part in competition.


The site for children and parents!  The useful tips for parents and interesting idioms, ideas for children's rest. Answers the questions: What junior society would be better to send childreen to? how to make him/her to learn  foreign language? what to do in free time? We offer the websites for different age categories! The website for children under 5, from 5+, websites for teenagers. A lot of interesting materials for everyone, don't forget to take a part in competitions !!!


The site "WOMAN" is a resource for men and women. What sets apart two opposite sex? What do men love and women hate, what hobbies and professions they select, and also the interesting facts about each sexes. It is useful and is necessary to know! Read here


Hard can be a work of busy day and even music. All latest news of heavy rock, new and old rock groups and performers – all this can be found on the site "Ordo-sinister". Heavy metal/rock , doesn't mean difficult and terrible life style at all.!!! See


To look into the soul, it is enough to look into the eyes of person. So, in order not to lose the opportunity to look into the soul, it is necessary to protect eyes. The resource dedicated to all regards of optics, human eye, prevention and diagnosis of eye diseases. The website "Optics» instruct us how to keep the vision and beauty of eyes. Believe, there are many more interesting and useful information. Open your eyes and look at the wider world