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General provisions

We offer you small website "под ключ" creation -  comprehensive service, which includes the development of graphic design, validity layout (matching structure and code standards that site is better indexed by search engines), the introduction of software modules (newsletter, catalog, gallery order form contacts), the placement of your site in our popular and recognizable resource.

Additionally negotiated: the terms of reference, the structure of the site, the development of corporate identity and logo of the company.

Why should you place your website on our website?

You do not pay separately for hosting and domain (savings of up to 100 UAH per month).

Save money on promoting the site.

Learn about your company not only in Ukraine but also in CIS and other foreign countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, and others.)

We offer you:

Daily Maintenance of the site;

Add and update the information you provide in your resource;

adding additional modules (if necessary);

Website promotion.

Additional services:

Accommodation on our niche sites your banner ads with the link (design banner - 200 UAH, the cost of advertising space - 100 UAH. / Month).

The benefits of a small website:

relatively low cost;

short time of creation;

efficiency and effectiveness;

simplicity and universality;

a great promotional tool for any company;

the establishment of corporate image;

the opportunity to redesign;

Means of implementation:

1. User Interface - HTML, valid code

2. Registration page styles - CSS 2.0

3. The programming language scripts - PHP

4. Storage - MySQL database

The preliminary cost and timing:

The preliminary cost of the unique small website (including internal optimization) is 1 500 UAH. (includes 3 months of support).

Term of manufacturing small website - 1 week.

View examples of a small website, you can link


Special offer for owners of cafes, bars, restaurants, pizzerias Lutsk!

You have the ability to place information about their institution indicating your contact details on our website Lutsk tourist in "Luck treats." The cost of creating the page, placing the information you provided (text, graphics) is 800 UAH. (includes 3 months of support) for each subsequent month the cost of support and promotion will make 100 UAH.

View sample pages can link:

With respect and hope for successful cooperation

Company «IMSico»


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