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Internet Solutions Company


"IMSico" offers a complex package of services which main objective is involvement of new clients on your resource!

        We are not just engaged in the creation and development of all types of Internet resources, but also offer a whole concept of online business , the analysis of the competitive environment, potential target audience, develop a business plan and commercial offers and more. This is not just maintenance services websites, but designed, comprehensive Internet solutions. It is in our specificity, which distinguishes us from many web studios.

      By means of exchange traffic (details here) we attract new potential clients to the customer, favorable redirection of traffic from one source to another. All this promotes development on business and increase in profitability.

      Also our company carefully considers all factors of advertising on the Internet. To attract customers, we use all possible methods - mailing distribution, contextual advertizing and so on.

What do we do?

      Development and creation of the sites

• E-commerce shop

• corporate website

• Site-card (business card site)

• Landing (order Landing) (landing-page)

• Website redesign

• Responsive web design

• Support of website

      We make the websites, landing with the modern functionality and the attractive effective design. We carrefully consider every details.We guarantee the creation of a full-fledged product that will work for you!

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      in terms of developing websites following are provided :

      - individual approach;

      - high workmanship;

      - minimum period of creation of the site;

      - optimization of the sites for popular browsers;

      - exclusive design;

      - technical support of website;

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      Website promotion - is an important step for the development of your business on the Internet. How to attract visitors through search engines? The secret lies in the proper optimization. Our company knows how to get a site in the top Yandex and Google. We offer competent promotion in search engines with guaranteed results. You receive high-quality setup, the analysis of competitors selling and competent content.

You get high-quality setting, competitor analysis, marketing and competent content.

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      Internet Marketing

  Site analysis

• Display site in the top 10

• Promotion of traffic

• Optimization

• SEO-promotion

• Advertising in Google and Yandex

• Advertising in social networks

• Copywriting

Finished website ensured in the top 10 - a significant increase in attendance of potential clients + brand awareness online.


• The development of a logo

•Corporate style

• Design of POS-materials

Identity is a business brand. Our employees specialized in the creation of logos, various signs, Corporate Character, Corporate styles.

What is our job? The application of knowledge and experience on the task. Our strategy of operation consists in end-to-end solution - market research and analytics + creation of the selling site + preparation of the selling materials + a choice of the most profitable sources of advertizing + advertising itself!

       In times of crisis and unstable economic situation we want to offer anti-crisis solution. The essence of it is that companies do not need to "keep on their shoulders," the IT department. Cooperation is as follows: the client generates a budget that he is ready to pay the IT department, we in return distribute according to the prices, but with big discounts. As a result, it achieves maximum efficiency, which is expressed in attracting customers in the interim results, statistics.

      On request, our specialists will carry out the following work related to the support of your website:

     - Counseling;

     - Support for permanent work site;

     - Updated information on the site;

     - Preparation and distribution of press releases;

     - Add additional modules as needed (offline, search, distribution, online issues);

     - Analysis of the position of the website in search engines and attendance report for the period;

     - Develop a plan of development of the site and preparation of media plan;

     - Search engine optimization of the site;

     - Development and implementation of long-term advertising campaign.

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      The company «IMSico» is always ready to cooperate and have a great desire to make a reality all your wishes and ideas!


Download brief on the development Landing

Download brief on the development site

Download Brief to promote website

Download brief on the development of an advertising campaign