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Call Center Services

Hotline (hot line) – effective, round-the-clock service of subscribers on any communication links. Specially trained people (operators) quickly service on incoming calls of clients, collecting the necessary information and then providing data to sales managers.

To start the service hotline: 

Before starting working with a hot line, it is necessary to collect the list of subjects and questions which operators will answer. And also to make the scenario of the consulting speech to operators on questions.

The following stage – training. Operators are trained and tested on knowledge of the product activity. We consider the different situations out of a conflict situation, work with objections.

Run hotline. According to test results the project dealt customer for approval and run correctly.

Monitoring/Control. Throughout the project control and efficiency of the hotline is carried out.

Call center operator handling incoming service through any possible communications: incoming call, sms, chat, web, e-mail.

The call center solves such additional problems of the company:

• Collection of marketing information;

   The survey of callers;

• Assessment of efficiency of marketing actions;

• Offer new services.


Information (informing)

Call center operators ring to clients and inform them the necessary information, tell about special sentences, actions.

It has been proven that informing by phone – one of the most effective instruments of advertizing. Telephone informing allows to make favourably advertizing investments, having been sure that is precisely informed target audience.

Call center operators exempt employees of the company from routine operation, touching on themselves mission of informing buyers for phone.

We will pick up the necessary option of call-down and informing buyers, and also we will try to realize your purposes and tasks in the fastest periods.

Advantages informing clients by call center operators:

- it is informed the client and it is explained;

-The execution of works and in time;

- Provide a detailed report on the work done;

- employees are engaged in the direct duties.

The virtual office is an excellent opportunity to be always in touch with the clients. You save money on rent, maintenance staff and at the same time receive incoming customer calls.

In addition, the virtual office will enable you to run your business and to expand deleted regions where the campaign. To organize a virtual office companies need to have a multi-line phone number, which can be either direct local and federal.

The client who called the virtual office, get all the answers to their questions from the professional secretaries.

Telemarketing and telephone sales (Telemarketing and telephone sales)

This direct sales by phone product services to a potential buyer. Telemarketing and telephone sales - a great way to increase the profit of the company.

Benefits of telemarketing:

• Warranty of 100% of contact. Professional telemarketing specialists will phone to your potential client and will hold presentation of goods;

• The target audience is segmented and accurately defined. Call center specialists will precisely bring information on your goods to target audience;

• The fast measured response. The daily detailed report about operation of telemarketing specialists for the analysis and adjustments;

• Fast start. A project startup from 1 to 3 working days;

• The number of your business contacts will increase several times;

•Managers are focused on "hot" customers rather than cold calling.


Outsourcing of an e-commerce shop – the service of call center aimed at increases of sales by call center operators through the round-the-clock processing and call acceptance of an e-commerce shop. 

Outsourcing of an e-commerce shop allows the client to receive the detailed information about goods: cost, existence, form of payment, delivery and another.

Advantages of outsourcing of calls:

- increase in sales volume;

- a quality assurance of the provided services;

- lowering of administrative expenditures on employees;

- full statistics on operation, including record of negotiations;

- IVR – a voice answering machine with developed system of the menu.


Updating of databases - a confirmation of existing data and additional information.

 The task of call center operators is to update and structuring databases, identification of potential customers.

The benefits of updating the database:

- The work is done efficiently and on time;

- Do not need to spend time checking contact information of clients;

- Structured information, entered into the computer in a convenient form;

- calls are recorded.


Survey of buyers (Survey customers)

The survey includes a survey of buyers of respondents call center operators on the Preparation and formulating scenarios.

This operating principle makes it possible to find out what really want your potential buyer.

The survey - one of the most effective levers of competitiveness of your company. It's a great way to know the opinion of customers about the products and services, get feedback.

Questions for the survey are formed individually for each situation. The poll on the phone - the fastest, affordable and effective way to get accurate data about the buyers of your products and services.

Benefits survey of buyers:

  - Quickly collects information about the preferences of your target audience;

  - The adjusted user feedback;

  - Efficient use of staff time;

  - information is provided in the form of reports, ready to use.


Automatic notification - telephone calls automatically groups of subscribers (without operator) and a message personalized information.

 This service is common in a telephone marketing (advertising notification of new offers, promotions).

During playback of any notification made pre-recorded voice message. The system can communicate personal information to a numeric character, for example, the amount of debt.

Automatic notification allows while providing customers with the right information and effective use of staff time.