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Contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct - it is an advertisement, aimed at the rapid increase sales and attract new customers via the Internet.

Advertising Direkte effective, because it sees it is the users who are already searching online for information about the advertiser's products or services - ie potential customers.

How it works?

1.Polzovatel looking on the Internet for your products or services:

2. Sees in response to your ad context:

3. Move an ad on your site or a virtual business card, to get more information and to order:

Advantages of the Yandex.Direct

shows interested users,
pay only for the transition from the advertisement
self-determination and the budget price go to declare,
the ability to make changes in real time,
free "virtual business card" to advertisers without a website,
positioning the ad,
region selection and time display,
detailed statistics and reports on the effectiveness of advertising.